Controls - Camera

Rite of conquest is a real time strategy game controlled using the mouse and keyboard. Move the screen my moving the mouse to the edge of the screen, pressing the middle mouse button down and moving the mouse, or pressing a location on the minimap.

Controls - Hotkeys

Attack Move - a

Attack - right click

Stop action - s

Kill own unit - delete

Open Build menu (worker) - b

Repair building (worker) - right click

gather resources (worker)- right click on tree

Attack and Defense types

Each unit in the game has one attack type, and a selection of defensive types. Each attack type is good and bad versus different defensive types. experiment and see which units you can build to overcome your opponent's decisions.

Defense types







Damage Types

Slash - effective againsts lightly armored opponents

Pierce - not effective versus shields

Reach - effective versus mounted opponents

Blunt -  effective versus armored opponents

impact - effective versus all damage types

Siege - Effective versus buildings